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Welcome to the Anglican & Free Church* (AFC) Chapel

Our community is made up of people from many different Christian groups and our worship seeks to incorporate aspects of that diversity. Some things will be as you might expect and may be familiar with, but others may be different and may be totally new to you. Please participate in the worship as you feel able, but don’t feel you must do things which you are not comfortable with - perhaps talk to someone afterwards if you would like to know more about things which are new to you.  * (The term Free Church embraces many different protestant and non-conformist churches - Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical, United Reformed, Presbyterian and many others).

The Two Chapels

The two Chapels were designed and furnished deliberately to complement each other. Each seats approximately 220 people, although the moveable door-screens allow either Chapel to overflow into the concourse if necessary. The principal feature of the Anglican/Free Church Chapel is the wooden sculpture behind the Communion table, entitled "The Battle". Constructed by local artist, Jan Thorn, its angular sections, reminiscent of a crown of thorns, or of spears and crosses, symbolize the human struggle and quest for spiritual and eternal values. The organ, with one manual and four stops, installed in 1983, is the work of Lancashire organ-builder Peter Collins, and is on wheels, so that, with a little effort, it can be moved for use not only in either Chapel, but also between the Chapels in the Concourse-area.

We need you!

Perhaps you enjoy talking to people - we need people to be stewards and welcomers. Perhaps you enjoy doing drama, writing meditations or prayers, playing music - we need you to make our worship creative. Perhaps you are passionate about social justice - you can help us to remain committed to God’s world and all God’s people. Perhaps you enjoy organising and planning- there are various roles on the Chapel Committee which help to make the chapel run smoothly and to plan various events through the year. Towards the end of the term there will be elections for some positions on the Chapel Committee, talk to one of the chaplains or one the committee members to find out more about how to get involved.

Our History

Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre was dedicated on May 2nd 1969. It was "for the worship of God and the service of man, for refreshment and informal meeting, for acquiring fresh knowledge, and a place where counsel and help could be given" (Act of Dedication).  This was no ordinary act of dedication. It was conducted by representatives of many different Christian churches (an event rare enough even thirty years later), together with members of the Jewish community, with whom they had joined to provide the building. During the years since its Dedication the Centre has provided a unique facility for University members of many different religious traditions. Those using the building in that time have been drawn not only from every Christian tradition, but almost every major World faith.

Chaplaincy Centre
Lancaster LA1 4YW

Phone: 01524 59407


Shirley Rawsthorne